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Attention CXO’s- Know why you should choose cloud-based CRM for your business.

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CRM (customer relationship management) is a real buzzword of today’s business world: everybody is talking about CRM, almost everyone knows that they can significantly benefit from it, yet only few know which solution fits their business model best.

It doesn’t matter if your company employs 10 people or more than 100 people – today you already understand that the new technology called CRM is a tool that is going to help you establish closer connections with your customers, provide professional customer service, sell more and grow your business further.

When it comes to choosing CRM software, it has to be affordable, it should be able to help you right here, right now; it shouldn’t be complicated; it should target your unique business needs and, it should be accessible day-and-night.

So, if you are one of those 72 percent of small business owners who think that investing in modern technology, such as CRM, is going to result in a bigger ROI and help you grow your business, then let me help you steer through these unknown CRM waters and find the CRM solution that fits you best.

What is cloud based CRM?

Cloud-based CRM (or cloud CRM) means that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is hosted in the cloud. Cloud-based CRM software can be accessed through the Internet, making it easy for all users to access the same information at any time.

And as information is stored in the cloud, you and your team can also view customer information on the go by accessing the CRM data through mobile or on your tablet.

Getting rid of outdated attitudes

Gone are those days when the word “CRM” brought to mind an image of a bulky and expensive software that requires an entire team of IT experts working solely on installing and maintaining the system.

Today’s CRM systems are not only more technologically advanced and user-friendly, but they also come in a variety of solutions that are designed to address unique needs of all types of businesses – big or small. Just like everything in today’s IT world, contemporary CRM systems now offer new possibilities, flexible costs, as well as easy maintenance and deployment.

In other words – things have changed.

Even the term “software” has moved from its previous earth-bound domain all the way to the Cloud. And this is exactly in the Cloud where your business should look for their CRM solution.

Find a cloud-based CRM that you need

Here you have it –eight powerful reasons why Cloud-based CRM is the right choice for your business.

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that will help you to:

  • centralize your customer database,
  • have a comprehensive view of your interactions with customers,
  • have instant access to real-time insights of your sales opportunities,
  • automate your task management processes such as following up on leads, closing sales deals on time and ensuring better service deliverance,
  • and, as a result, increase your customer retention rates.

…then Cloud-based CRM is the quickest way to achieve these goals, because it is:

  • easy to use,
  • easy to access,
  • affordable with little upfront costs,
  • requires no hardware to purchase or software to maintain,
  • supports multiple devices,
  • compatible with third-party products,
  • ensures high data protection,
  • adaptable to your needs and changing requirements.

Do you want to find out how cloud-based CRM can impact your business?

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