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Do you really listen in to your customers – if yes, how do you use technology to do it?

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While marketing tools and technologies have evolved, one golden rule of marketing has not: Brand loyalty and reputation are still based on the quality of the customer experience. And there’s no better source to tell us how we’re doing than the customers themselves.

The ways that the customer in this era think about the your product and services are spread across various touch-points and through different means. Customers have become blunt, forthright and non-hesitant to share their views. They are not scared to give a thumbs down to a product or a service and are happily sharing the feedback with millions.

Entrepreneurs who care what their customers think make listening part of their marketing. Ask for consumer opinion and feedback while also tracking everyday conversations about your business:

Be it on social media, consumer review sites, directories and retail sites, customers are likely talking somewhere about your business. Are you listening? And if yes, is it measurable?

The angry customer can create a real tough situation for any brand by posting it online on the poor treatment they got a customer helpline. Even if the organization is not at fault, these public indictments are part and parcel of today’s consumer landscape.

The social media channels have become the ultimate go to go place to air their discontentment immediately or whenever they get the time to do so. At times even the non-customers follow the suit and becomes a catalyst in creating a negative image of a brand by multi-folds.


You need a strong mechanism in terms of Technology to ensure that that a majority of the feedbacks comes to you in an analytical manner for you to focus on how to plug the leaks.

Most of the businesses think that by employing an omni-channel customer service will do the needful which is also correct to a large extent but then choosing the correct Omni-channel solution makes the difference. A non-integrated Omni channel customer service tool is as good as not having it. It gives insight in bits and pieces and becomes absolutely a waste of time and money.

Choose the correct omni-channel enabled customer service solution for your business.



Adopt to a perfect CX solution which is “Loud and Clear” through Dialdesk


Dialdesk is the leading service provider in the country which has a bouquet of solutions at all customer interaction channels (Voice, Emails, Social Media, Chat / Web) along with IVRS, 24×7 Human Support & dynamic cloud based CRM, all of which comes at an unbelievably nominal cost.

Create a world class CX with technology and 24 X 7 human enabled omni-channel customer support offered by Dialdesk.

Why Dialdesk

  1. Omni Channel integration : Dialdesk not just supports multi-channel touch-points, but also seamlessly connects all channels to give your customers a unified response through any channel of their choice.
  2. AI & Human Support: Give a human touch powered with Artificial Intelligence, to every communication to your business round the clock.
  3. Personalised office: This acts as a virtual personalized office for the businesses.
  4. Scalable and Flexible : Dialdesk is not just limited to specific tools or services, but it is a solution that can be integrated with any CRM or process, and can be upgraded at any time.
  5. Future ready solution : The tool is under constant innovation to ensure that it keeps up pace with the technical evolutions which happens regularly.
  6. The dynamic and insightful reports which are there by default and can be customized as per the business requirements.
  7. Complete control: The businesses have a complete control over the CRM to view, download reports real time. Listen to the call recordings without the intervention of the service provider.
  8. Close looping: A service which can also be used as a complete close looping tool especially for complaint management.
  9. None of your calls go Unanswered.

10. BCP secured program.

To know more…Please click.

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