Is your Omnichannel service giving you the real CX insight ?

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To stay ahead in the vast ocean of competitors, you have to do more than implement incremental improvements. You need to find the areas where you can provide unique value, create barriers to entry and generate stickiness with your audience. You need to embrace intelligent customer experiences.

Today, the average customer may engage with a brand across so many channels and exudes a different persona at each channel. It becomes extremely imperative that the data from each touch point is collated and analyzed.

If this is not happening, it is bad news as the customer experience is definitely not getting delivered.

The scariest part is that businesses do not realize this on time and the repercussions are huge.

Omni-channels if not managed in synergy with the various interaction channels would never ever be effective. It has to capture the real customer VOC to get the real customer experience quotient.

It has become a cornerstone of marketing strategy but putting it into practice is still one of the major

challenges that firms face today. In this study, we aim to understand how firms can manage

all touch points across all channels in an integrated manner to provide a superior customer

experience and gain a competitive edge. To do so, we need to identify a number of key issues that businesses must consider before they can embrace the changes that their organizations need to redefine and refresh the customer experience and obtain superior performance. These include adopting a customer-centric approach, unifying all touch-points across all channels, delivering personalized

customer experiences, integrating the available channels, delight customers across channels,

re-defining the role of the physical store and embracing mobile marketing.

Dialdesk is a pioneer in the Omni-Channel business which has become one of the most dependable CX

tool today.

Dialdesk is today one of the most reliable omnichannel interaction services available which is future ready.

Why Dialdesk:

  • The retention level of customer is almost 2.5 X from what the companies without omnichannel does.
  • The obvious relationship to more revenues goes without saying. The companies without an omnichannel support will cost them their customers.
  • The freedom and access to the customers to your products, brands through multiple interactions channels any point of time.

An omnichannel marketing strategy helps marketers harness more power, but ultimately it gives customers the enhanced experience they’re looking for.

ü  Consistent User Experience Across All Channels

ü  Engagement with  Customers on highest of the levels.

ü  Collation of customer behavior data.

ü  Collation of intelligent MIS.

Dialdesk is the first-of-its-kind customer service solution for businesses of all sizes and domains. We offer solutions that are customizable at all stages; can be integrated with any existing CRM or process, and upgraded at any time. This means that now you are neither required to integrate separate products from different providers, nor are you obligated to use and pay for a complete package.

The amazing integration of various customer interaction channels and coupled with cutting edge technology and intelligent report garnering abilities has made this one of the most formidable tool to give a cent percent customer experience. This is one of the true AI powered customer service tool available today.

Constant innovation and highest of the levels of integration to assess the customer behaviors make it one of the most loved omni-channel solution today.

The fact that “the consumer experience should not be compromised” in what so ever way is the base of this innovative product and countless customers vouch to this fact. The users are getting the real picture of the customer behavior and are helping them devise strategies right from marketing to sales and after sales.


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