The common mistakes SME’s make by not outsourcing their customer support

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It brings a lot of benefits such as cost savings, embracing new innovations and making companies focus on their core businesses, it is being waived by all the big companies. It also helps you get a larger and loyal customer base which enhances a company’s brand image.



Experience and Expertise: Outsourcing enables SME’s to use skills and experience they don’t have in-house and cannot afford to hire full time. They leverage the skills of companies having the right resources and experience to get their job done. Once the project is over, they don’t have to worry about keeping the skilled workers occupied gainfully or the stressful task of laying them off. That is somebody else’s headache now. With CX playing the differentiator in taking the businesses to next level and even to survive in the competition, it becomes increasingly important for them to have a resourceful expert company to look after their customer service so that they can focus on other aspects of the business.

Better efficiency: In a smaller set up where the resources are few, it becomes imperative that the roles that are given to them are in sync with the levels of work they are doing. They need to give undivided attention to their respective functions. In such scenarios, Customer support becomes the most critical function which requires complete attention and also to keep on reworking on the strategies. Here your outsourcing partner plays one of the biggest role as he will take care of all the aspects involved with customer care solutions and offering the best CX quotient. It gives you a competitive advantage as your operational costs are less than your competitors and you can keep your prices lower to the detriment of your competitors. Outsourcing your inbound customer support lets you focus more on your core competencies and strengths as an SME. This greater focus on your key responsibilities can help you be more productive, resulting in your SME’s better performance.

Let’s you focus on core business activities: You will have to be prepared to handle call volumes, staffing needs, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, software customization and more, every day. This will take a toll on your money, time and manpower. Instead of focusing your attention in R&D department, new product development or enhancement and revenue generation, your focus will shift to managing a completely unrelated business vertical.The marketing and sales function can be utilized to the optimum ensuring that they get the customer feedback while designing their strategy and they need to focus on generating more business which is an imperative activity of any SME’s. To consolidate and grow is something every SME wants to focus.

A flexible and scalable solution that suits your budget: outsourcing allows these smaller enterprises to avail of quality assistance at competitive rates. Outsourcing gives your SME the flexibility to hire additional help and pay only for the service you need, without any long-term commitment. Outsourcing your inbound customer support is perfect for those peak times or seasonal overflows so that no call gets ignored and no customer of yours will feel unimportant.

Access to top of the line technology

Proper equipment incurs additional cost for the business. You can have access to the top of the line IVR and VOIP technology by partnering with an established customer service company. They have invested in these types of equipment, and it is part of their service to ensure that your clients receive the best experience possible

Add depth to your organisation

If you are a small company, having outsourced customer service representatives would provide additional depth to your team. Having different people answering the phone would give the impression of a larger and more stable organisation. As a result, customers may feel more comfortable buying a product or service from your company.

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