As a business head or business owner, you need to find ways to grow your sales and revenue. Exploring different options for profit means leveraging your profit potential.

Marketing automation is a perfect combination of software and strategy. It allows you to nurture your prospects with highly personalized and useful content that helps you to convert your prospects to happy and satisfied customers

According to a study conducted by Lenskold Group, 78% of marketers believe that marketing automation plays a very important role in the company’s revenue growth.

On the other hand, 51% of companies are currently not using marketing automation to grow their business. In fact, companies who have automated their marketing has multiplied by 11x since 2011, and the figure is only expected to grow moving ahead.

If your current situation resonates with below-mentioned points, you must have Automated Marketing for your business:

  1. You are spending more time in building and updating standard operating procedures for various tools than you use the actual tools
  2. You are not able to nurture your leads
  3. You are sending email campaigns, responses, and blog posts MANUALLY
  4. You are not able to connect your activities to trackable metrics (Remember what can be measured, can’t be improved)
  5. Your website is not able to generate enough leads and sales
  6. Your website is not to nurture your visitors
  7. You want to increase your online sales
  8. You want to stop outbound sales
  9. You want to stop cold call rejections
  10. Your sales team need more sales qualified leads
  11. Your sales team want to better understand their prospects
  12. Your company want to have a clear picture on predictable monthly leads
  13. You want to maximize your email/ subscription list
  14. You want to grow your email list
  15. You understand the fact that social media can help your company in increasing your revenue
  16. You are not sure whether your content marketing is working since you don’t have any reports for comparisons or deep insights


The top-performing companies, marketing teams, and top marketers are using a marketing automation system to build attractive email campaigns, analyze their performances, and feed their sales teams relevant and qualified leads to achieve a better return on investment.


It’s not that, these companies are 10 times better, smarter, or more capable than you. It’s just that, they simply took advantage of the right tools; tools that can empower them to make better decisions, streamline their sales & marketing processes, and view the entire marketing and sales funnel in one place. The marketing environment is currently dominated by digital, making these abilities essential to your success.


As business head/ owners, you care about more leads (volume), sales qualified leads (quality), and, most importantly, more revenue for your business growth. Not to mention, you want to save time by systemizing your repetitive or non-productive tasks, have accurate data and analytics for your reports and dashboards, and make your job easier rather than harder.


Benefits of Marketing Automation:

The most important GOALS of a Marketing Automation Strategy are:

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Marketing teams spend a lot of time, effort, and money to create compelling campaigns, optimize them to generate leads, set auto-responders and alerts to connect with them promptly, before finally passing the leads to the sales team. Salespeople do not even know marketing terms, but they very well know their targets and in case they don’t meet them, they often complain about the quality of leads. The leads never seem to close and most of the time, the argument is – Leads quality was not GOOD.

There seems to be a gap between the two functions. The sales team complains about lead quality and the marketing team is usually upset with missed follow-ups for their hard-earned leads. That gap is the absence of lead qualification, which if filled can ensure a better alliance between the two powerhouses of your business – sales and marketing.


It is the process where the leads are tested if they are really interested in your product/ services or not before they are forwarded to the sales team. These qualified leads are also called Sales Qualified leads.



1.  Pre-Sales team have more time for outbound lead generation

2. Leads to better allocation of resources as resources will do what they are best at

3. Gives more time to teams for better follow-ups


1.  Targeting the right audience

If your marketing team is targeting the wrong audience, no matter how hard your qualification or pre-sales teams work, it just won’t cut it. They should be constant feedback on which kind of leads are turning into deals, which industries are they from? What are their demographics? Etc. Your marketing team should always remember that if the targeting is tight, the lead volume will go down and they should never be afraid of that. The correct metric to measure the marketing’s lead generation success should be qualified leads, not just the count of leads.

2.  Tightening the lead generation process

Your marketing team shouldn’t put unnecessary fields on the form, instead, they should have only the important & qualifying fields in their forms/landing pages to increase conversions.

3.  Should Use Email/ Phone validators

These validators will keep a check on the authenticity of the phone numbers or email addresses and will not let the visitor fill-up the form with incorrect entries. This the first sign of a possible junk lead. Your Marketing team should have validators in their forms to get rid of the spam submissions.

4.  Having a lead management system

Some CRM and Lead Management systems like LeadSquared give scores to each lead based on the chances of their closure. This scoring is called Quality Scoring. Quality score can be set by the business on the basis of their ideal buyer persona.

The quality score of a lead helps the lead qualification team in prioritizing their tasks and reach out to the most serious lead at the right time. Although quality and lead scoring helps a user understand the seriousness and the intent of the buyer to some extent, it can never fully replace human interaction. That being said, it saves a lot of time and energy if they are set properly.


Dialdesk is a unique and one of its kind “PAY AS YOU GO” customer support solution. It is a perfect amalgamation of IVR, Dialer, 24*7 human support, Omnichannel enabled suite in an AI-enabled environment. The entire product is hosted on cloud which makes it a powerful customer service tool. Dialdesk drives the complete “customer lifecycle management” for its clients with a thorough focus on delivering customer experience par excellence.

While you are using various sources to generate leads for your business, you need to have an adequate team size, who is trained enough on your product and USP’s to reach out to customers at the first level to filter the leads.

Dialdesk takes a lead in delivering this through our PPT methodology i.e. People |Process | Technology. An amalgamation of all three ensures that your leads are reached out to, the first level information is accurately provided, and the initial Need | Desire | Problem of the prospect is established

PROFESSIONAL PRE SALES SUPPORT:  We employ a skilled and experienced Tele-Marketing team. Innovative training is provided to them to ensure the deployment of accurate information and customer experience.

ROUND THE CLOCK PRESENCE: Leads reached out after 10 minutes lead to a reduction in Lead qualification criteria by 80%. Dialdesk agents are available to respond to your customers 24*7*365 days as we understand the fact that a lead should be called within 10 minutes of its generation as it is going to increase the chance of sales conversion by 9 times

AUTOMATED WORKFLOW: We create automatic workflows for your company taking into account your process requirements that not only improve the process efficiency but also triggers notifications if any task is skipped or missed

CLOUD-BASED SERVICES: This will give you realtime access to get recordings, reports and dashboards, etc etc so that you don’t need to wait for anyone to send you reports, daily, weekly or monthly

CALL RECORDINGS: You get access to online recordings at your fingertips

In the End:

Sales and marketing teams are very different from each other but they strive for a common goal i.e generating more revenue. A lead qualification process will help the sales team by giving them more time for followups and outbound calls and will help marketing teams with data-driven feedback to tweak their campaigns accordingly, and hence the gap between the two departments is filled.

What do you think? How are you currently qualifying your leads? Let’s talk in the comments.

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