The Consumer Electronics industry in India, which was valued at $10.93 billion in 2019, is expected to reach $21.18 billion by 2025, clearly indicating that the expected growth is humongous. Most of the growth can be attributed to the constant changing and upgrading lifestyle of individuals, increased demand from households, and easier access to credit facilities. Apart from this, there is also a hike in the demand from the rural market as the government continues to invest significantly in electrification and access to the internet.

Consumers now have multiple options to choose from and this has led to multiple growth challenges for consumer electronic companies. The final buying decision for any appliance is dependent on multiple factors including initial awareness, ease of purchase process, online reviews, past experiences with the brand, its value, and much. Hence, the companies have to protect their existing market share and also plan to grow in the face of such uncertainty. CX is going to play the role of key differentiator here and hence, the need for investing in a great customer experience across the buying journey is more important than ever. Companies are forced to rethink and recreate their CX strategy across the various touchpoints in the customer journey right from creating awareness to promoting loyalty and explore the adoption of disruptive technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Do you know – Worldwide spending on CX technologies is expected to reach $641 billion by 2022 (As per the IDC report).

In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the key challenges that companies are facing and their solutions.