The way the world does sales has changed now.

Customers, especially B2B customers, look for speed and efficiency in the sales process.

Sales teams that are failing to adapt to the now-or-never expectation of their prospects will lose prospects to their speedier competitor.

The businesses that are succeeding in this competitive environment recognize that their tools, expectations, and service need to be top-tier.

Sales have experienced a tectonic shift on a fundamental level — one with the power to change how businesses operate, how revenue flows, how deals are closed, and how every SDR and AE on your team contributes.

So, what is the shift?

And, more importantly, what should you do about it?

Speed to Lead is Dead

We talk a lot about speed to lead.

Is it important? Absolutely, yes.

Read: the right time to contact your leads

Instant leads always close faster and at a higher rate than leads that are contacted even minutes after the form submission.

Dialdesk enables sales teams to turn inbound leads to instant bookings.

In other words, our software has removed the concept of speed and turned it into an instantaneous click-to-call-to-close process.

It is no longer about speed.

Sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. Speed to lead is dead.

In short, the change is this — even the fastest speed to lead is too slow.

What sales needs now is Instant Inbound. 

What is Instant Inbound?

Instant Inbound cuts speed to lead time down to zero by allowing leads to book a meeting directly from your inbound form, turning your inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly.
Instant Inbound is the perfect standard of inbound marketing best practices that our customers have been achieving for years, but the market has been stuck talking about speed to lead.
Soon B2B marketing teams will no longer be measuring how quickly they can respond to a lead because anything slower than instant is simply too slow, and, yes, even obsolete.

Instant Inbound: B2C World

Within the B2C sales process, instant inbound has been existing for years.

If you want to watch any MOVIE on Disney Plus, you’re going to go to your Disney Plus app on your TV, find the movie and start watching.


We don’t really wait around for stuff.

We get it when we want it, which is just instant. 

Imagine walking into any car dealership asking for a test drive of any car that’s on display on their lot.

The salesperson responds with “Please leave your contact information and I’ll try to get back to you in a few days to schedule a time for you to come back.”

That will never happen. But that’s the rough reality of today’s B2B selling experience.

As consumers, we would expect better.

Since B2B buyers are people too, they want to buy software the same way they want to buy any car or Web series

Although the buying process between B2B and B2C is different, the human component is not. We’re still dealing with human beings who want rapid responses, quick decisions, and closed deals — on both sides of the selling table.

Hence instant inbound is going to be the gold standard, the status quo for B2B sales from here on out.

Meaning of “Instant Inbound” for sales:

Instant Inbound is going to be an absolute game-changer for sales, especially B2B sales.

Here are a few of the standout changes:

By making customers happy, you convert customers into your brand evangelists and that is priceless.

Instant Inbound is The Future of Successful Sales

We believe that because the world is becoming more and more automated

Connection — instant connection — matters more now than ever before.

Even though the way buyers and sellers connect is changing, the buying experience should still feel connected, seamless, and easy.

The DialDesk platform helps people connect with their customers simply, and more importantly, it happens instantly. 

The B2B sales experience should be 100% customer focused. And key target should be Customer Delight

And the best way to do so is to satisfy their needs, desires, or problems instantly. That should be the priority.

Your scheduling software should not be a barrier to a thrilled customer. It should be the method of causing that customer to be thrilled.

DialDesk gives INSTANT INBOUND by using a nexus of Human Knowledge and support and advanced technology and that too 24*7*365 so that your customers can get the desired information INSTANTLY

Try it for your business and see the difference!
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