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Cloud Telephony

Advanced Cloud Telephony tools for dailler, call forwarding, call recording and much more. Learn more

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Social Media

Easy  Social  Media  integration with  all  major channels to  manage communication. Learn more

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Professional IVRS recording powered with AI, customized to specific requirements. Learn more

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Chat & Bots

Integrate chat communication through CRM, AI-enabled auto responses and much more. Learn more

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Virtual Front Office

Monitor  performance  and  ROI of marketing  campaigns  with virtual numbers. Learn more

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Use Click-to-Call service in your campaigns, for your prospects to request instant call backs. Learn more

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Human Support

Trained professionals to take care of your customer communications round-the-clock. Learn more

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Outbound Dialer

Pre-recorded voice messages to customers for marketing communication or information. Learn more


Our highly customizable customer experience solution helps you choose and pay for only those tools or services that you require.

Ticket Management

With the use of Dialdesk Ticket Management system, you are able to give prompt and seamless resolution to your customers… Learn more

Lead Management

Dialdesk’s Lead Management system helps you streamline processes right from the marketing efforts of acquiring leads evaluation…Learn more

Invoice & Inventory Management

Our customizable Inventory Management system allows you to manage your inventory and stock, by… Learn more

Customized Solutions

Not sure which bundle will work for you? Get a tailored solution by picking those tools and services that make sense to your business… Learn more


Creating Simplified, Data-Driven Customer Experience

Dialdesk is the first-of-its-kind customer service solution for businesses of all sizes and domains. We offer solutions that are customizable at all stages; can be integrated with any existing CRM or process, and upgraded at any time. This means that now you are neither required to integrate separate products from different providers, nor are you obligated to use and pay for a complete package.

Every great business is built on its customers! We have a small promise made to each client that ensures that we provide exceptional customer experience to their customers, just how we would like to receive it.

With our deep experience in the field, we are able to handpick expert services and the most pragmatic tools required to create great customer communication success stories for your brand.

Our Mission: To handle communications for businesses, using highest standards, so they can focus on their core expertise. Every business is different and so are their needs. We, at Dialdesk, understand this and thus, we not just provide pre-designed plans, services or tools to businesses, but offer customized solutions. In this, we carefully analyse the communication needs of a business and craft the perfect solution for them using our tools and expertise. With a deep industry experience, we are able to point out what works and what doesn’t for businesses from different industries.

Our promise of highest standards is carried forward as a value by the people of our organisation, who day-in and day-out strive towards catering to your customers. We pay utmost care in hiring the right people who understand and live up to this promise.


A layer of Artificial Intelligence added to customer service using Chatbots and natural language processing by analysing customer behaviour to take real-time, intuitive and well-informed actions.


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