Whether you are a bank, insurance company or fintech (financial technology), customer support is an important asset to have. It will allow you to maintain a customer-centric strategy by reaching out and responding quickly & efficiently to inquiries across all touchpoints, winning your customers’ trust every time.

DialDesk’s 15 years of industry expertise have propelled it as a premier customer support company in the BFSI sector. Our skilled and experienced workforce enables us to provide cost-effective customer service and back-end support for the BFSI sector.

As your outsourced customer support partner, we help you adapt to the changes in customer expectations and deliver a hands-on, multi-channel financial services support that balances technology and human interaction perfectly. Additionally, our commercial debt collection services ensure cost-effective support delivery and empower you to achieve your financial goals.

As your trusted provider of CX solutions, we help you meet data privacy and cyber liability standards. Our company adheres to the highest security protocols and is compliant with various regulatory bodies. We are ISO:27001 certified.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

Customer Support

We manage customer support 24/7, every day of the year, and are ready to assist your customers with any issues they may experience. Whether it’s an email, a request for information, or a complaint, we’re ready to assist. This way, we are able to respond to every client request quickly and effectively.

It helps us build customer loyalty, elevate satisfaction ratings, reduce churn and boost the return on investment. By leveraging omnichannel strategies, we manage acquisition, retention, and customer relationship management.

Fraud Prevention

As part of a stringent security procedure, we can detect and alert our financial advisors about possible fraud as needed. This includes the validation of users’ KYC (know-your-customer) documents and performing OCR cleanup services on documentation to ensure accuracy.

DialDesk is a leading and professional OCR cleaning company in India. A strong infrastructure, industry expertise, and a dedicated team enables us to format your data faster and with superior accuracy. Our team of experienced OCR cleaners can capture your data and convert it into the format you require based on your business needs. This enhances the usability of the data as well.

Loan Support

We can efficiently handle everything from loan inquiries, servicing, as well as the collection, data management, and customer support related to loans and transactions. We can also help you with lead generation for loan applications. We can offer customized consultation to those applying for a loan. We can also assist your team in onboarding new clients, resolving their issues, and assisting them with anything else they might be concerned with or require assistance with—help them map their customer journey.


From the early stage to the late stage, collect more and reduce costs by focusing on improving your customer experience. A streamlined and customized collection strategy at the segment level will lead you to improve your collection rate and build brand loyalty. Resetting your collections strategy at the segment level using advanced analytics to understand customer intent and motivation to pay will be beneficial to build your business.

Credit Cards

Enable customers to make the right credit choices for their lifestyles or business needs. We analyze demographics, preferences, and debt to help your customers select the best option. We give them an experience they’ll appreciate, so they will keep coming back to you and stick around for the long haul.

Bespoke IVR Automation

We place a strong emphasis on providing clients with accurate and reliable customer service. Our agents are committed to providing prompt and accurate customer service. Our latest IVR customization options also allow your customers to choose the options that are most relevant to their core concerns so that they can get fast resolutions and get back on track quickly.

Our Key Differentiators

We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

Building Omnichannel Interaction Points

Upselling and Cross-selling via 360-degree Integrations

Improved Business Processes through AI and ML

An Integrated Customer Lifecycle Management Approach

Par Excellence Data Security Standards


How should I go about outsourcing my BFSI business?

When outsourcing customer service for your BFSI company, it’s always vital to double-check that your offshore customer service providers can communicate clearly and are also qualified experts in their field. There are always a lot of potential issues that you could have when trying to find the right partner, such as them not being compliant with certain regulations or you might think they have no experience in your particular industry. So it’s important to make sure this is the right decision for everyone involved by considering all the outcomes.

What is the outsourcing process for BFSI customers?

Financial services customers are handled with empathy and professionalism in a business process outsourcing model via omnichannel support like phone, chat, email, and text. Besides the personal touch, they can also converse in their preferred language if the company hosting your business process outsourcing offers multilingual capabilities.

What are the costs associated with outsourcing customer service?

Outsourcing is a common method of improving productivity. Our software solutions are proven to be the most effective in this department as they can increase overall performance along with boosting operational efficiency and reducing operational expenses, which makes them an extremely cost-effective solution. To learn more about such possibilities, you can book a consultation with our expert.

Why should we outsource to DialDesk?

When you outsource to DialDesk, you get 360-degree customer support services, like multilingual customer support, that also positively impact cost control. We also offer omnichannel solutions that bring operational efficiency to your business. Book a free demo with our expert to discuss your service needs and get to know you better.

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