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    What is Omnichannel Customer Interaction Platform?

    Omnichannel Customer Interaction Platform streamlines all customer interactions across multiple touchpoints so that a consistent brand experience is delivered. DialDee allows a single access to customer interactions across different platforms, viz. Emails, WhatsApp, Web chats, Social Media messages, comments, reviews & recommendations, website contact form enquiries and much more.

    No matter how the customer chooses to communicate with your business, you are 24/7/365 ready to capture any sales, support or marketing opportunity with DialDee.

    Why should You OPT For
    Omnichannel Customer Interaction Platform?

    Deliver Exceptional CX

    Deliver Exceptional CX

    Having 24/7/365 omnichannel customer support allows your team to focus more on complex requests that require smart human interaction. Hence, delivering positive outcomes like increased CSAT, & more promotors

    One Stop Shop For Written Communication

    One Stop Shop For Written Communication

    A fully loaded platform for your business integrating emails, WhatsApp and web chats, social media messages, comments, reviews & recommendations, website contact form enquiries and much more.

    Flexible and Scalable

    Flexible and Scalable

    At any point of time, you can choose to add or remove any customer communication channel. Above all, CRM integrations give you the command to personalize experience for your customers.

    Cost Optimized

    Cost Optimized

    Depending on your business needs, you can select the right subscription model. DialDee allows integrations with your selected channels & preferred CRMs for tagging, data and analysis.

    Never Missout On Your Prospects

    Never Missout On Your Prospects

    Instant access to all your customers’ data gives you the ability to respond to queries, issues and complaints quickly. Hence, you never miss an opportunity to interact with customers.

    Open for API exchanges

    Open For API Exchanges

    Omnichannel platform integrates with popular out-of-the-box business tools through APIs. We easily integrate your workforce management systems, CRM software, and other legacy systems.

    Insights with Integrated CRM

    Insights with Integrated CRM

    Gain access to analytics dashboard, in-depth insights on customer preferences and requirements to increase sales. It is also integrated with a dynamic CRM which gives you actionable insights on the conversations and records – under one platform.

    Higher Customer Retention

    Higher Customer Retention

    Omnichannel CX allows customers to connect with the brand through their preferred channels. The seamless transition improves customer satisfaction, which in turn increases customer retention.

    Boost Customer Lifetime Value

    Boost Customer Lifetime Value

    Studies show that businesses who adopt an omni CX approach see a 42% increase in CLV. When customers reach out to a brand, omnichannel platform enables the business to interact in real time. For customers, this seamless and consistent response makes it more likely to stick with the brand in the long run.

    Rising Consumer Loyalty

    Rising Consumer Loyalty

    AI will send automated messages about the current status of product installation, focus on updating records, managing incidents, or providing proactive outreach to customers. All of these factors appreciates high-quality service and create a loyal customer base.

    AI-Powered Technology

    AI-Powered Technology

    Engage with your customers in a more efficient way by using our AI engine to have automated conversations. The machine will learn to understand the customer’s context and intent over time, giving out accurate responses to create a better experience.

    Maximize Sales and Revenue

    Maximize Sales And Revenue

    DialDee’s AI algorithms can help improve your marketing & sales by engaging potential customers in conversational commerce. The platform can give you valuable data to up and cross sell, which will increase your revenue up to 52%.

    Why DialDee is Different?

    DialDee Engages Your Customers Seamlessly With AI-Driven
    Interaction Across All Touchpoints

    Omnichannel Customer Interaction Platform - DialDee

    DialDee provides a personalized and interactive experience – coupled with algorithms-based automation and intelligent human intervention. Designed to revolutionize communication with 24/7 support.

    We adhere to the highest security standards – ISO 27001 and 9001 – and can help you manage access with different authorization and authentication options.

    How does DialDee Omnichanel Platform Work?

    How does DialDee Omnichanel Platform Work

    Why Do Leading Brands Choose DialDee?

    Pay as you go

    Pay as you go

    Flexibility and Control

    Flexibility and Control

    Reliable and Secure

    Reliable and Secure

    Guaranteed Uptime

    99.8% Uptime

    Analytics and Dashboard

    Analytics & Dashboard

    Conversational Commerce

    Conversational Commerce

    Increase Your Conversions

    Increase Conversions

    Optimize Your Cost

    Cost Optimized

    DialDee Omnichannel Platform Vs Competition

    What makes us different from others

    DialDee Other Vendors
    Performance Monitoring Real-time and Historic Limited Monitoring Features
    Reporting Comprehensive Reports and Report Scheduling Limited Contact Center Reporting
    Chat Connect Rate High Low
    Real-time Queue Management Yes No
    Open API In & Out Data Exchange Predictive & Progressive
    Device Flexibility Mobile app, laptop, feature phone Only Laptop
    Security Enterprise-grade Basic
    Complete IT Governance Yes No
    Flexible Agent Login Yes No
    Full Stack CX Only at DialDee No
    Analytics & Dashboard Yes Limited Analytics
    AI-Powered Yes No
    Native CRM Integration Yes No
    Chatbot Yes No

    Frequently asked questions

    When can I start using DialDee?

    DialDee is an AI-powered customer platform that helps you deliver the customer experience across all touchpoints. If you’re looking to improve your customer experience, DialDee can help you out. DialDee offers a FREE demo to help you assess your needs and find the best solution for your company. For more information, click here!

    How does Dialdee's pricing work?

    There are three components in terms of pricing – first, there are subscription plans that are based on usage and volume. Second, there is a one-time setup cost that depends on the scope of work. And lastly, we have usage and conversation charges. If you want to know more about our pricing, please click here.

    Can DialDee be integrated with my platform?

    Yes, DialDee is able to be integrated with any platform that is open and allows API extensions.

    Can I use my existing WhatsApp number with DialDee?

    Yes, you can use any valid number for DialDesk that can receive an OTP (one-time password) via SMS or voice call. This could be a virtual number or a regular SIM number. Just make sure the number isn’t linked to any existing WhatsApp account. If it is, then you should delete the WhatsApp account linked to that number.

    You can easily request a green tick verification by connecting with our support team and sending in a request. Typically, it only takes around 3 business days to get approved. Once your request is approved, your number will be changed to your business name with a green tick next to it. This verifies to your users that your business is legitimate.

    Is DialDee secure?

    DialDee is committed to providing a secure and high-quality service by being ISO 9001 and 27001 certified for quality and security compliance.

    What if the Bot is unable to respond to a question?

    If the bot is not able to answer a question, professional human support will take over the conversation without affecting the user’s experience. Click here to learn more.

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