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    What is a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

    A cloud contact center solution provides inbound and outbound communications on phone, email, chat, text messaging, and social media over a high-speed internet connection. Utilizing cloud computing, DialDesk handles all the technical setup, equipment, and maintenance of the servers and ensures uninterrupted omnichannel customer service.

    Why Should Your Organization Opt for DialDesk Cloud Contact Center Solution?

    DialDesk cloud contact center solution is built ready to work remotely

    Faster Deployment of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

    Deploying an omnichannel cloud-based contact center solution can help your company provide the best possible customer experience, ensure a seamless transition across all channels whether that be online, in-store, or over the phone.

    Since this is a Pay-As-You-Go shared cloud-based contact center solution, the complete setup with all integrations can deploy at a much faster speed.

    DialDesk cloud contact center solution is built ready to work remotely

    Remote Work Readiness

    Insights and reports of all the interactions are readily available at your fingertip and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

    DialDesk is completely a cloud based, feature-rich, scalable and flexible solution that can be customized to readily deploy shared call center solutions and ensures the best possible customer experience.

    DialDesk Cloud contact center solutions are built on modern technologies.

    Contact Center Modernization

    Removing the limitations of legacy infrastructure, ensuring to break down organizational silos, and getting rid of constraints as soon as possible is important to be more competitive.

    With the right contact center in place, you can take advantage of improved business processes so that your contact center can deliver better customer experiences.

    DialDesk Cloud Contact Center Solution Delivers.

    True Omnichannel Customer Engagement

    • Identify and understand the communication channels that your customers prefer to engage with your business and serve them right there.
    • DialDesk omnichannel ticketing CRM lets you create automatic tickets for all the queries coming in. It includes voice calls, SMS, emails, webchat, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and many different messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.
    • Ticket raised on queries gets automatically assigned on a real-time basis. It helps streamline the processes and improves the overall productivity of businesses. Additionally, it improves the satisfaction rate by ensuring that agents are instantly notified about all of their calls, emails, or chats.
    DialDesk CRM provides omnichannel customer engagement solution

    Contact Center System Integrations

    Cloud contact center solution integrated with CRM, IVR, ACD & feasible
    • Through APIs, DialDesk has custom integrations with popular out-of-the-box business tools. We easily integrate your workforce management systems, CRM software, and different legacy systems.
    • By using extensive integration capabilities, manage omnichannel interactions and let your customers reach you on their preferred channel.
    • IVR and ACD can be seamlessly integrated with the business tools and database. Get a more effective and efficient call routing process using CTI.
    • Features like screen pop, toolbar integration, and two-way synchronization of information. It enables agents to retrieve customer information and answer the queries with a warm start to improve the customer experience.

    100% Cloud-based Contact Center

    • Move over from legacy calling systems to API-driven cloud calling solutions. Real-time communication over the web is fully independent of a software application or a browser extension and enables complete browser-friendly communication.
    • No need for any separate device for voice or IP/analog phone connected to the PBX.
    • All the call records, logs, and every communication between agents and customers get stored on the cloud, ensuring the most reliable, safest, and secured setup.
    • Peer-to-peer communication on a real-time basis with noise cancellation along with it, the communications are encrypted for better security.
    100% Cloud based contact center solution

    Feature-Rich Cloud Contact Center Solution
    Built For Organizations Of All Sizes

    Advanced Dashboard - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Advanced Dashboard

    Display customized reports based on assessment criteria to everyone. Being alerted of their performance, team members work more effectively towards increasing productivity.

    Click to Call - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Click to Call

    Integrated Click-to-call solutions are a real-time saver for customer operators – saving them the trouble of having to manually dial out every customer number. Thus less hassle and extra time saved which further makes it easier to boost agent productivity.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    ACD route calls over the phone to best-suited agents who can apply a whole range of skills, tools, and experience to help resolve the customer query quickly.

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    With an intelligent system of IVR, recognize customers’ input and route them to the perfect person for their particular needs.

    Auto Dialer - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Auto Dialer

    Revolutionizing outbound contact center operations with an integrated automated dialer. Using DialDesk predictive dialer, preview dialer, and progressive dialer, select the type of automation that best fits the business requirements.

    Knowledge Management Tools - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Knowledge Base

    Integrated with a centralized information repository with various knowledge management tools to give our agents the resources they need to help you and your customers on a real-time basis.

    Mobile Agent App With 360 AIM Tool - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Mobile Agent App With 360 AIM Tool

    An industry-first call center mobile application aimed at providing enterprise-ready call center and security features, that includes 360-degree Application Infrastructure Management (AIM), to establish remote governance.

    Call Recordings - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Call Recordings

    In our CRM, we have all your customer interactions that occur over telephone conversations logged, compressed, structured and archived. This way, your company can access the information anywhere at any time.

    Automation Rules - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Automation Rules

    Integrated automation rules based on the event and time-based triggers letting to work efficiently, saving us time & improving customer engagement.

    Virtual Front Office (VFO) - Cloud Contact Center Solution

    Virtual Front Office (VFO)

    DialDesk Virtual receptionist service greets your customer and routes them to the appropriate staff in your organization.

    How DialDesk Works

    How DialDesk Works - Complete Workflow Diagram

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    ISO Certifications of DialDesk

    Frequently asked questions

    What is “Pay as you go” service?

    DialDesk is an amalgamation of call center services, IVR, CRM and Cloud telephony services. It is the only call center solution where you pay only for the minutes of interaction between your customer and DialDesk agents.

    How long will it take to implement a cloud contact center solution?

    The cloud-based contact center is hosted on cloud-based servers to engage customers over voice, chat, email, and other digital channels. Cloud contact center remains accessible from anywhere, anytime, and across devices. Because of minimum hardware needs, it can be deployed in just a few days based on your requirements.

    What are the benefits of cloud based contact center solutions?

    DialDesk cloud contact center solution is:

    1. Highly flexible and scalable
    2. Minimal infrastructure cost
    3. Minimal maintenance
    4. Ease of deployment
    5. Reports & Insights are accessible through CRM
    6. Integrated CRM for customer support, sales management, lead management & ticket management.
    7. Supports multiple interaction channels like Chat, Email, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter as channels.
    8. With DialDesk, you can surely achieve a high first call resolution rate and minimal call abandonment rate.
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