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    What is a Shared Call Center Solution?

    If you are a startup or small or mid size business or the volume of enquiries is less, then shared call center is your perfect fit. A shared call center solution manages inbound and outbound customer interactions via phone, email, live chat and social media interactions using shared pool of professional customer support executive. The unique blend of advanced AI algorithms with intelligent human intervention helps businesses improve their performance and efficiency.

    Why should you opt for Shared Call Center Services?

    Pay for Performance Only

    Pay For Performance Only

    You are only charged when there is an interaction and the unproductive time of executives are no concern for you.Using a script driven environment, a single agent can effectively represent multiple brands throughout the day.

    Cost Optimized

    Budget Friendly

    Basis your volumes, you may choose the best subscription model for your business. Not only this, you pay only for interactions on a per minute basis.

    Flexible and Scalable

    Flexible And Scalable

    Our team of professionals work 24*7 to manage your overflow, sudden spike, seasonal support, holiday coverages, after hours support services, media campaign enquiries and much more.

    Open for API exchanges

    Open For API Exchanges

    Through APIs, DialDesk has custom integrations with popular out-of-the-box business tools. We easily integrate your workforce management systems, CRM software, and different legacy systems.

    More agents mean less Hold time

    More Agents Mean Less Hold Time

    Our inbound call center employs over 300 professionally trained operators, which means your callers will never have to wait long to speak to someone. With 24/7 phone coverage, your customers can rest easy knowing their
    issues are being heard and addressed in a timely fashion – even on weekends and holidays. Ditch your voicemail and opt for a live voice instead!

    One Stop Shop For Written Communication

    One Stop Shop For All Customer Support Requirements

    DialDesk offers a fully loaded solution for your business combining IVR, CRM, dialer, cloud telephony and skilled customer support executives. So the only job at your hand is transferring relevant knowledge to our expert team and forwarding your customer support number to us!

    Flexible subscription plan

    Flexible Subscription Plan

    DialDesk offers quarterly, half yearly and yearly subscription which can be chosen as per your business requirements.

    Outsourced yet complete control in your hand

    Outsourced Yet Complete Control in Your Hands

    DialDesk provides admin panel to all its client which gives access to real time performnace , insights, dashboards, and even call recordings. This exercises your control on the process.

    Why DialDee is Different

    Why DialDesk Shared Solution Is Different?

    DialDesk is India’s ONLY “PAY PER USE” Premier Customer support solution offering its services 24*7*365 AND STARTS AT just ₹500*/day. The Key differentiator is a pool of shared professional customer support executives that are answering your enquiries, complaints and requests, besides performing similar activities for other busineses also. The prime benefit is top quality service at a price you can easily afford.

    How Does A Shared Call Center Work ?

    Why Do Leading Brands Choose
    DialDesk Shared Cloud Contact Center Services ?

    Pay as you go

    Pay as you go

    Flexibility and Control

    Flexibility and Control

    Reliable and Secure

    Reliable and Secure

    Guaranteed Uptime

    99.8% Uptime

    DialDesk Shared Call Center Services Vs Competition ?

    What makes us different from others ?

    DialDesk Other Vendors
    Contact Center Monitoring Real-time and Historic Limited Monitoring Features
    Reporting Comprehensive Reports and Report Scheduling Limited Contact Center Reporting
    Call Connect Rate High Low
    Real-time Queue Management Yes No
    Dialers Predictive, progressive, Preview Predictive & Progressive
    Telephony WebRTC and PSTN Only PSTN
    Device Flexibility Mobile app, laptop, feature phone Only Laptop
    Security Enterprise-grade Basic
    Complete IT Governance Yes No
    Flexible Agent Login Yes No
    Full Stack CX Only at DialDesk No
    UL VNO Only at DialDesk No
    AI-Powered Yes No
    Native CRM Integration Yes No
    Voicebot Yes No
    Chatbot Yes No

    Feature-Rich Cloud Contact Center Solution
    Built For Organizations Of All Sizes

    Advanced Dashboard - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Advanced Dashboard

    Display customized reports based on assessment criteria to everyone. Being alerted of their performance, team members work more effectively towards increasing productivity.

    Click to Call - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Click to Call

    Integrated Click-to-call solutions are a real-time saver for customer operators – saving them the trouble of having to manually dial out every customer number. Thus less hassle and extra time saved which further makes it easier to boost agent productivity.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    ACD route calls over the phone to best-suited agents who can apply a whole range of skills, tools, and experience to help resolve the customer query quickly.

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    With an intelligent system of IVR, recognize customers’ input and route them to the perfect person for their particular needs.

    Auto Dialer - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Auto Dialer

    Revolutionizing outbound contact center operations with an integrated automated dialer. Using DialDesk predictive dialer, preview dialer, and progressive dialer, select the type of automation that best fits the business requirements.

    Knowledge Management Tools - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Knowledge Base

    Integrated with a centralized information repository with various knowledge management tools to give our agents the resources they need to help you and your customers on a real-time basis.

    Mobile Agent App With 360 AIM Tool - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Mobile Agent App With 360 AIM Tool

    An industry-first call center mobile application aimed at providing enterprise-ready call center and security features, that includes 360-degree Application Infrastructure Management (AIM), to establish remote governance.

    Call Recordings - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Call Recordings

    In our CRM, we have all your customer interactions that occur over telephone conversations logged, compressed, structured and archived. This way, your company can access the information anywhere at any time.

    Automation Rules - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Automation Rules

    Integrated automation rules based on the event and time-based triggers letting to work efficiently, saving us time & improving customer engagement.

    Virtual Front Office (VFO) - Shared Contact Center Solution

    Virtual Front Office (VFO)

    DialDesk Virtual receptionist service greets your customer and routes them to the appropriate staff in your organization.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the "PAY AS YOU USE" feature of DialDesk's shared call center solution?

    This refers to the system where you have to pay only for the minutes of interaction between your customer and DialDesk agents.

    Why should startups and businesses hire a shared call center solution provider?

    Startups and established businesses often have to manage their operations and infrastructure costs on a tight budget, which is why an increasing number of them are choosing to outsource their calls to shared call centers. This way, they only have to pay for the calls that are answered, instead of paying for a service that they might not use to its full potential. Plus, it’s a great way to positively handle customer queries, requests, and complaints professionally and efficiently!

    What are the benefits of a shared call center solution?

    A shared call center is a great option for companies who want to offer call center services to their customers but don’t want to make a large investment. With state-of-the-art technologies, the shared call center can provide your customers with the same great service they would receive from a more traditional call center, but at a fraction of the cost. All calls are answered by trained call agents, so you can be sure that your customers will be well taken care of.

    Is the shared call center solution multilingual?

    Yes, DialDesk is a leading shared call center solution provider for customer support in more than 15 languages. You can easily get the call center services for your customers in your opted language with no extra expenditures. With this, you will be able to provide top-notch customer support at very competitive prices.

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