At DialDesk, we understand that providing quality customer support for beauty and cosmetic brands is very important. We can help you improve customer satisfaction, and reduce churn and costs through our exceptional customer service.

With our efficient and seamless processes, we have a knowledgeable human support team available 24X7X365. Our team of experts helps clients meet industry standards by taking care of compliance. We have a deep understanding of our client’s needs and can provide them with the best possible solutions.

DialDesk has been a key player in the success of many beauty brands. Our clients have seen higher customer satisfaction, more repeat business, and increased revenue.

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Our Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Customized solutions tailor-made for your industry

24*7*365 Customer Support

We offer a suite of customer support solutions, including Dialer, Cloud Telephony, and 24X7 Human Support. One of the greatest benefits is that you can PAY PER PERFORMANCE. Moreover, we offer chatbot solutions powered by AI and ML that use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze a customer’s question and deliver a response accordingly.

Our customer support representatives are available 24/7/365 to assist with any queries customers may have. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn, as customers are more likely to find the solutions they need.

Customer Acquisition

Business cannot exist without new customers. You need to build up a relationship with your customer through trust, and with that, you can depend on gaining leads for a greater future. We can help; we have the tools, knowledge, and infrastructure needed to build a long-term solution that works for you without affecting your bottom line.

DialDesk offers a holistic range of customer acquisition solutions through intelligent cross-selling and up-selling, with inbound and outbound telemarketing. DialDesk’s scalable and cost-effective solutions combined with agents help handle order management, verification of data, account activation, application processing, etc., for both pre and post-sales support.

Managing Omnichannel Inbound Interactions

It’s critical for beauty and personal care brands to provide quality customer support. Inbound interaction is one way to ensure that customers receive the help they need in a timely and efficient manner.

By handling inquiries and concerns through inbound channels such as phone, email, and web chat, beauty brands can resolve issues quickly and effectively. This type of interaction also allows beauty brands to foster relationships with their customers by providing them with the individualized attention they deserve.

DialDesk’s customer service and support center provide help & answers to queries across all touchpoints. Customers can contact us via phone, e-mail, instant message, or live chat.

Our goal is to provide the most positive possible experience for customers by attending to their inquiries and offering solutions on time.

Lead Filter & Management

At DialDesk, we help you with more than just identifying potential leads. We also help you build relationships with them so you have a better chance of selling to them. In less time, you can generate more revenue and only PAY PER PERFORMANCE.

Outbound Call Management

By utilizing lead management and cross-selling techniques, we can help you bring in more business and boost your revenue.

Our lead filtration and management system are designed to help you increase sales while reducing costs associated with sales representatives.

Alternatively, we offer outbound telemarketing services to connect potential customers with product or service offers they may be interested in.

Sales from Cart Abandonment

When a potential customer leaves items in their online shopping cart, our reps contact them as soon as possible to encourage them to finalize the purchase. This helps us to close the sale while conversion chances are very high.

Bespoke IVR Solutions

We place a high value on providing accurate and reliable customer service to our clients. Our agents are dedicated to providing timely and accurate customer service. Our latest IVR customization options also allow your customers to choose the options that are most pertinent to their core concerns.

Our IVR solutions provide your customers with a deeper level of customer service by connecting them with the right teams. Automated voice messaging can help with a variety of tasks, from booking appointments to checking delivery status to ensuring accurate billing.

By using our IVR options, customers can track their order status and shipment online. As a result, this helps reduce the probability of errors.

Feedback Surveys

Here at DialDesk, we value customer feedback highly because we understand how vital it is for product improvement. Our sales representatives are therefore tasked with not only collecting feedback from your current clients but also pitching new products.

We believe that this not only generates additional sales but also helps to improve product quality by getting genuine feedback from your customers. Furthermore, the feedback will also help to align you with your customers’ needs and wants.

NDR Calling to Reduce RTO

DialDesk provides a unique service that helps businesses save cost, and time, and improve their profit margins. By using Dialdesk’s IVR and Manual calling on NDR, businesses can reduce RTO (Return to Office), meaning that they’ll be able to get their products or services to their customers faster.

This in turn will lead to an increase in delivery%, which is the percentage of orders that are successfully delivered.

This helps in reducing the number of cancellations, resulting in identifying fake orders before they even reach your warehouse. This not only saves you money in terms of operational costs, but it also helps to streamline your process overall.

Order Confirmation

As your partner in customer service, we call the customers and schedule an appointment to avoid wasting time and resources.

We also verify the order confirmation manual calling as well as IVR. This helps reduce the cost of attempted deliveries by verifying whether the customer has legitimately placed the order or not.

Having a minimum order requirement also reduces the product return ratio. This saves your valuable time from unnecessary shipments because of fake/dummy orders.

Our Key Differentiators

We strive to innovate for every client's specific need

Building Omnichannel Interaction Points

Upselling and Cross-selling via 360-degree Integrations

Improved Business Processes through AI and ML

Driven by 360 Degrees of Digital Integrations and Analytics

Par Excellence Data Security Standards

Case Study

Dialdesk designed a comprehensive roadmap to help a rising cosmetic company aligning its vision with defined milestones and anticipated outcomes. The approach ensures the thorough attainment of goals and the prediction of outcomes crucial to business growth.

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Is it possible to outsource customer service for the beauty and cosmetics industry?

There are several benefits to outsourcing services to a third party, especially for beauty and cosmetic brands. Services that are often outsourced include sales, inbound customer service, order tracking, returns and refunds, complaint handling, etc. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and leave other aspects of the business to experts.

Why is outsourcing beneficial for customers?

DialDesk is the leading provider of customer support for beauty and cosmetic brands. We pride ourselves on our reliability and ability to provide answers to customer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our on-time and accurate communication channels allow customers to track their order, place a return, or get a refund with ease.

Is there a way to evaluate BPO or customer support providers?

There are a few key ways to evaluate beauty and cosmetics customer support solution providers. First, you can look at their fleet of locations around the world. This gives you an idea of their reach and scope. Second, you can review their client volume base. This helps you understand how popular and in-demand they are. Last but not the least, you can read customer testimonials to get a sense of what real people think about their services.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to DialDesk?

At DialDesk, we understand that every company is different. That’s why we offer cost-effective and scalable customer support solutions that are customized to your company’s needs. We work on a ‘PAY PER PERFORMANCE’ model and our solutions are easily scalable to handle seasonal spikes. 

So if you’re a new business just starting up or an established corporation, we can give you the best customer support experience! Contact us today to book your FREE demo!

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