Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud Telephony Solutions for Your Business

Why You Should Choose Cloud Telephony Solutions for Your Business

No matter how small or big your business is or what it does, voice communication is a critical element of success. With voice communication, you get a secure way to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients, and operate your business. Cloud telephony can help businesses to incorporate these voice communication benefits in an effective way.

Cloud Telephony is the communications technology where all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s premises. Any business interested in using these services does not need to install any software or buy any hardware to get the services started. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording, virtual number, or call forwarding. These services can be started on a traditional phone, mobile, or a computer system i.e. desktop, laptop, or tablet.

To assist you in making your decision about switching to cloud telephony from your traditional telephone systems, we have compiled a list of quick benefits of cloud telephony solutions to look over.

  • Extensive mobility and flexibility

    Remote work has been on the rise like never before. Cloud telephony business solutions allow your employees to take their work mobile. Any device with a stable Internet connection that has the cloud telephony app installed can take care of your business. Moreover, the company can also cut down on the expenditure due to desktops.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Because of the many hosted VoIP solutions present in the industry today, you will no more have to enter a long-term contract or invest in expensive hardware and telephone lines. Through these solutions, you can easily sign-up on the month-to-month payment plan to keep all your cost structures highly manageable.

  • Scalability and Customizability

    Cloud telephony solutions let you add more users to communicate seamlessly with a larger customer base. And if you require a customized feature to enhance your CRM integration, you can leverage it as well.

  • Better Control

    Traditional landline phones do not allow you to keep track of all business communication and conversations. With cloud telephony, you can leverage the call recording feature that lets you record every incoming and outgoing call. Obviously, the feature helps your team improve overall business communication. Moreover, the recorded calls may be used for training purposes and future reference for issue redressal.

  • Reliable and Resilient Phone Service

    Since cloud telephony solutions have cloud storage, all your business information is safe and secure. Additionally, it can also be accessed from any other device at any point in time. Moreover, in case of any system downtimes or your laptops crash, the data doesn’t get lost. Owing to the reliable and resilient nature of these telephony systems, disaster recovery is simply much easier.

  • Dependable Security

    Cloud-based solutions are easy to upgrade. You can transition to the latest software seamlessly, which gives you the advantage of dependable security. There are constant checks against the unusual activity. If anything suspicious takes place, the system will lock down automatically. The cloud provider addresses the issues on a priority basis and gets your solution back to running securely.

  • Builds Your Reputation

    Delivering good quality services over the phone to your customers can increase the reputation of your brand, but if you’re constantly letting your customers down by dropping calls or being unavailable when needed; your reputation can just as quickly be destroyed and your competitors will take immediate advantage from it.

  • Ease in Managing Multiple Locations

    Many businesses operate on more than one site, often in more than one country. This used to mean that the company would have to maintain multiple phone systems and contracts. With Cloud Telephony, however, you have one system and cost across multiple locations. This saves both money and time; if you open a new location as your company grows, you can simply extend your Cloud system to that area.

  • Efficiency in Sales and Support Processes

    The auto-dialer feature of cloud telephony solutions facilitates sales and support agents to make calls, send messages and voicemails automatically. With manual work reduced to the minimum, the efficiency and productivity of your employees increase in a substantial and, yet, sustainable manner.

  • Access to Rich Business Features

    A cloud telephony system is business-friendly and loaded with rich features. Apart from real-time analytics, the solution offers call schedulers, post-call surveys or Csat surveys, IVRS, missed call services, voicemail drops, bulk SMS automation, and more. These features empower your baseline automation that simplifies business by turning manual work into automated workflows.

    Considering the benefits of these solutions, it is an excellent idea for every business—regardless of size and scale—to switch from traditional telephony to cloud telephony. If you are looking to make the switch in 2021, go for a cloud telephony service provider that offers a complete package of features along with the assurance of reliability, quality, efficiency, and affordability. Try Dialdesk services that have been trusted by more than 200 brands.

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