6 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers in Inbound Call Center

6 Ways To Handle Difficult Customers in Inbound Call Center

1. Providing good customer service is crucial to retain customers and avoid negative reviews.

2. Avoid phrases like “calm down” or “you’re overreacting” as it may further upset the customer.

3. Managing angry customers professionally can boost brand loyalty by turning a bad experience into a positive one.

4. Using a shared inbound call center service can help businesses efficiently manage difficult customer interactions.

5. Key strategies for handling angry customers include active listening, showing empathy, avoiding personal blame, etc.

No matter how amazing a business is, things sometimes go differently than planned, and customers become dissatisfied. The issue arises when they are not dealt with effectively.

What happens when a customer is dissatisfied with a company? They may request a refund and have their membership suspended. Moreover, they may leave negative reviews about their experience, and urge others to avoid the company.

According to a report by Gartner, 86% of consumers become disloyal after having a poor experience with the brand’s customer service.

Customers pay for good customer service and have every right to be unhappy during certain instances.

On the other hand, if angry clients receive an effective solution to their problem, they may become even more satisfied. They understand that mistakes happen and will give you a five-star review of your aid.

Let’s understand some effective tips for handling angry customers in Inbound Call Centers.

inbound customers -how to handel

Hear Them Out

Angry consumers’ calls usually worsen because they believe they are not given enough time to voice their issues, leading to anger and disappointment.

Therefore, listening intently to angry consumers is one of the most important strategies for contact center representatives. When customers believe their issues are being acknowledged and treated seriously, they are more inclined to relax.

Show Empathy

Through empathy, you can experience other people’s emotions and ideas firsthand.

Empathy in customer service refers to interacting with customers on a human level. To understand issues from their customers’ perspectives and come up with solutions, customer care agents must put themselves in their client’s shoes.

But empathy is more than simply agreeing with your clients; it also involves confirming that they are unhappy with your goods and services. When you engage with consumers, demonstrating empathy enables you to infuse compassion into your message to help ease their stress and fury.

Avoid Take Anything Personally

First and foremost, remember that irate customers are not criticizing you personally; rather, they are condemning the company you represent.

Inbound customer service agents often feel personally attacked while figuring out what the consumer is complaining about. Because of their present situation, they often struggle with anger management.

When working with angry customers, you should always aim for customer happiness, no matter what the situation. Knowing not to take the client’s anger personally makes it easy to focus on & solve their primary problems.

Use the Right Tone

Maintain a courteous, professional, and professional tone of voice when speaking with the consumer. It is important to remember that your actions represent your employer or company, therefore you should always be aware of what you do and resist the need to take offence at any rudeness from customers.

Maintain an even tone and a cheerful attitude that conveys that you’re receptive to their criticism to handle professional conversations. When responding, for instance, look them in the eye and/or call them by name.

Given the complexity of customer behavior, you may be unaware of all the variables that affect it. You can continue to take a service-oriented approach by being impartial and professional.

Never Put Them on Hold

To calm down irate customers, customer support representatives typically put them on hold. As a result, the caller will become more frustrated with a lengthy hold time.

The majority of clients think that their issues are placed on hold so that the agent is spared from dealing with them.

When a caller is waiting, their imagination has enough time to conjure up unfavorable scenarios for being placed on hold, even if it isn’t real. Let them know how you plan to manage the matter during this period rather than putting them on hold.

Always Offer A Solution

A representative ought to provide the consumer with a solution as soon as they have comprehended the issue. Ascertain that the solution you provide satisfies the requirements and expectations of your client.

The customer’s frustration may increase if the answer is inadequate, worsening the outcome. Therefore, inbound call center representatives need to be ready with alternative solutions.


All customer care agent duties include interacting with angry customers. The way you handle these challenging situations can make a big difference in both the customer experience and the reputation of your business.

By implementing these strategies, you can decrease processing times while simultaneously providing excellent customer service.

Don’t hesitate to give DialDesk a try if you require a shared inbound call center in Delhi NCR to successfully manage difficult calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid stating comments that may irritate the consumer, such as “calm down” or “you’re overreacting.” Instead, pay attention, apologize truly, accept responsibility, and concentrate on addressing the problem respectfully and promptly. Blaming, rejecting concerns, or losing patience are likely to worsen the situation.

Despite the difficulties, dealing with a furious caller provides an opportunity to turn a poor experience into a positive one. You can regain the customer’s trust and satisfaction by listening intently, empathizing, and working to remedy the problem. This can boost loyalty and help your company’s reputation.

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