How to Manage Customer Complaints Seamlessly On Phone, Live Chat, and Social Media?

A Complete Guide on How to Manage Customer Complaints Seamlessly

Efficient customer services are keys to achieving business goals. This is the universal truth and applies to businesses across all verticals. Customers are powerful enough to build your business within a night. But what about those who come up with complaints about your business products and services? More or less, businesses have to face problems with their unhappy or angry consumers. Therefore, having information about how to manage customer complaints seamlessly is essential. Business owners need to have a well-defined system to manage their customer’s complaints effortlessly on the phone, live chat, & social media.

In this blog post, we have discussed relevant strategies that will let you know how to manage customer complaints on phone, live chat, & social media.

With the internet-driven world, you can experience dramatic changes in the business world. The online availability of businesses has led to better connectivity with their clients. The presence of social media platforms has provided added advantages.

How to manage the impacts of customer complaints seamlessly?

Customers may show their disappointments through Phone, Live Chat, & Social Media. Businesses need to take care of each word they share about your company’s flaws. Sometimes consumers aggressively post complaints on social media platforms that may lead to quick deterioration in your brand reputation. Therefore, business owners need to understand the strategy that can help them to manage their customer’s complaints seamlessly on social media platforms.

Techniques to manage the Customer Complaints

Handling customers’ complaints might be challenging as they never stop with their complaints. They want a better quality of the services and products from your business. Thus, you must know how to manage customer complaints seamlessly on different social media platforms.But if you could not match their demand you may be loaded with their frustrations. Thus, every business must understand the techniques for hassle-free management of their customer complaints.

Move forward as soon as possible to resolve issues

Most often, when your customers connect to your support service team, they expect solutions quickly. Thus, you need to train your support executives in such a way that they can be able to offer a seamless resolution to your customer’s complaints. Such an initiative will help your customers to gain a better customer experience.

Stay responsive with quick service

Your instant and seamless response is the key factor for the resolution of customers’ complaints. There should be uninterrupted coordination among your support service representatives for an effortless service flow. However, you should gladly accept the mistake in case you find the consumers in an aggressive mode.

If you agree to your business service flaws, then it will help your clients realize your positive effort for the best services. In other words, an apology is the most effective method to manage your customer’s complaints and ask them to provide you with time for your business service improvements.

Maintain an integrated channel to manage client’s interactions

You need to keep a check on interactions taking place with each customer. Thus, you must have a uniform platform that can enable you to manage complaints seamlessly on a single platform. Accumulated customer complaint data will help you to analyze the improvement in your services and product quality effectively.

You may receive clients’ complaints through different sources like live chat, phone, or social media. Thus, there are always the possibilities of missing some of the customer’s complaints. Verbal communications are considered the most efficient method to connect to the support service team. Clients also prefer the use of social media platforms to let you know about their concerns.

Do not miss responding to social media complaints

The fact is more than 75% of people use social media platforms to connect to your products and services. They find it more convenient and credible as well. Therefore, you need to coordinate with your all service representatives to deliver quick support services to make your customer service seamless.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are being used by many people. They stay and spend their time either for professional objectives or personal connections with their friends and families. Thus, they mostly highlight their complaints through social media sources and expect for response and resolution shortly.

Avoid taking much time for resolution

Customers like to find an instant resolution for their complaints. Thus, you need to be faster at offering solution service for seamless customer engagement factors and their retention. Since the experience of your existing customers creates an opportunity for prospect conversions, they are the foundation of businesses and this is why having a hassle-free platform for coordination with the support team is crucial.

Create an emotional bond

Everlasting bond with your clients can be created by connecting to them emotionally. Thus, any business must understand their customer’s pain and try their best to resolve it at the earliest. They buy your products and other services only if they trust you. But issues beyond their expectations can dishearten them and they may end using your products forever.

Keep updating your clients with your solution process

Providing your clients with regular updates about your solution process help to build trust between you and your clients. Therefore, you need to manage uninterrupted communication flow related to your resolution process with your customers. They seek out faster solution services. Hence, updates of their complaint status will help them to stay calm and stress-free.

Post resolution follow-ups

It plays an important role in making your client’s relationship stronger. Post-resolution follow-ups make them realize that you understand their pain and are available to them for their service. Your supportive gesture for your customers can help you to grow your business smoothly.


The seamless management of customers’ complaints on the phone, live chats, & social media can ensure the business’s success rapidly. Proficient initiative is necessary to maintain a good relationship with customers. Always understand your customer’s needs and respond to them immediately rather than making delays. The proper setup for your customer service can enhance customer retention along with boosting conversions.

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Rajesh Ramachandran
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