5 Most Important Customer Service Reports That You Can’t MISS!

5 Most important customer service reports that you can’t MISS

Customer service reports not only provides you an overview of all customer service requests received from your customers, but also allow you to identify the key areas for improvement, plan your workload, and schedule your customer support team. You can keep track of your CX trends, and most importantly, you get to know whether your customers’ expectations are met or not.
Let’s have a look at the reports:

  •  Number of Requests Received Per Day

    The number of client requests you have received in the last day or day is displayed in the “number of requests received” report. Your ability to organize and schedule your support personnel and see trends in customer experience can both be enhanced by having an understanding of the volume of requests you receive.

    For instance, you may need to arrange for your team to work on the weekends if you start to see a rise in demand on Saturdays and Sundays.

  •  Number of Requests Closed Per User

    Important Customer Service representatives, finding out how productive they are and how many requests they can handle.

    This may indicate that an agent is “cherry picking” the simple requests over the more challenging ones if you discover that they are responding to twice as many as the other members of your team. To ensure that all requests are allocated fairly, one technique to address this is to automatically assign requests to the next available agent.

    If one team member is answering fewer requests than the others, they might need some extra help. You could organize a training session to see what’s causing the problem and help them find better ways to do their work faster.

  •  Average Response Time

    A study found that 82% of consumers believe that prompt resolution of their problems is the most important component of excellent customer service. For this reason, tracking how long it takes you to reply to customers is crucial!

    The average response time is determined by measuring the duration between a customer’s request and the agent’s response. An hour will pass between a customer’s request sent at 3 p.m. and the customer care representative’s answer by 4 p.m., for instance.

    You can provide better service to customers if you can react to them more quickly.

    If you notice that customer support requests are being handled too slowly, it may be because the request isn’t reaching the correct agent or department, which causes a delay while they look for the appropriate contact information.

    The responses themselves could be another factor contributing to the excessive delay in responding. Do your agents start from scratch with every response? Do long emails cause you to take longer to respond?

  • Number of Messages Per Owner:

    Consumers like to have their problems addressed by an agent who has all the necessary information, asks all the appropriate questions, and provides accurate answers in the first reply. They don’t enjoy exchanging messages with customer support departments back and forth endlessly.

    First contact resolution: what is it?

    It occurs when you can handle a client’s problem with your initial response.

    Merely 11% of businesses can handle client requests in the initial response.

    This report reveals the level of effort required from your consumers to resolve their problems.

    If you’re receiving a lot of messages, it might mean that the responses from your team aren’t giving enough information.

    Yet, a team member could simply put all these details in their first reply, making it more likely to solve the issue right away.

  • Number of Requests Created Per Month:

    The data on the “number of requests created per month” holds significant value in discerning patterns in customer requests.

    There will be highs and lows for your business, just like for any other. If you sell your goods or services to companies, you should anticipate receiving a lot of requests throughout the week and fewer requests on the weekends.

    With so much data at your disposal, it’s easy to waste time reading incorrect reports. Furthermore, it is pointless to become overtaken by data if you have no idea how to use it. We are looking over this data to help you make better decisions, streamline your workflow, and gauge the performance of your team. Utilizing these reports for customer service.

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Varuna Raghav
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