Losing out on Revenue due to poorly managed Omni-Channel support ?

Losing out on Revenue due to poorly managed Omni-Channel support

What is an omni channel?

Wikipedia defines Omni channel as a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience. Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting resources are designed and orchestrated to cooperate. Omni channel implies integration and orchestration of channels such that the experience of engaging across all the channels someone chooses to use is as, or even more, efficient or pleasant than using single channels in isolation.

BPO’s  that use Omni channel contend that a customer values the ability to engage with a company through multiple avenues at the same time. This statement is so true and since the world is focused on the consumer experience, this strategy comes out as one of the best tools to offer the best CX.

In principle, omni channel caters to customer communications across various interaction channels such as voice, SMS, web, email, social, chat. To do this, interactions requires immense use of data and analytics derived from it. A state of the art BPO can gain staggering insights into people behavior and the way their inclinations are shaping up. Thus, this creates a phenomenal database and helps to create a strategy to develop better products and services for consumers. Off course the revenue leakage gets plugged in and comes up to the growth curve.

The key advantage noted is that BPO’s  with a strong Omni channel customer engagement tools are able togather real-time data on communication channels and sentiment of the customer when interacting using text analytics which uses algorithmic approaches and natural language processing methods.

The differentiator in deciding the success factor of BPO providers wanting to improve their partners’ customer experience is the technical ability to manage multiple channels as a stand-alone activity  and not following the rudimentary model of a single communication channel which gives a myopic view of the customer behavior and feedbacks. The client would never be able to get their hands on the CX levels and vis-à-vis losing the retention percentage of their customers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow companies to even predict events before they happen and act more proactively to best serve the customers. It allows companies to not only identify what happened, but to know why it happened and what the best approach is to solve it the first time.

Adopt to a perfect CX solution which is “Loud and Clear” through Dialdesk

Dialdesk is the leading service provider in the country which has a bouquet of solutions at all customer interaction channels (Voice, Emails, Social Media, Chat / Web) along with IVRS, 24×7 Human Support & dynamic cloud based CRM, all of which comes at an unbelievably nominal cost.

Create a world class CX with technology and 24 X 7 human enabled omni-channel customer support offered by Dialdesk.

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Nitish Kaul
Nitish Kaul
Nitish is a CX Solutionings Expert at DialDesk. He has helped provide our customers with fantastic services and made sure their needs have been met promptly. His knowledge of pertinent business strategies and his decision-making skills help add to the team dynamic by creating positive results for every project we work on. He knows how to get the job done efficiently.

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