What is Purchase Abandonment?

What is purchase abandonment?

Purchase abandonment occurs when customers decide not to complete a transaction after first showing interest or adding items to their shopping carts. It commonly occurs when buying online and can happen at any stage of the process, from browsing products to beginning the checkout. Understanding purchase abandoned is crucial for businesses in order to identify potential issues and implement effective strategies to reduce abandonment rates.


The average Purchase abandonment rate for mobile users is 85.65%.


Types of Purchase Abandonment

Purchase abandonment can take many different forms, along with each one has a distinct set of causes and outcomes. The following are the main types of shopping cart abandonment:

1. Abandoned Cart: Customers are considered to have abandoned their carts when they add items to their online shopping carts for buying but do not complete the checkout procedure. This type of desertion is common and can be brought on by a variety of things, such as unanticipated costs, difficult checkout procedures, or customers who are still conducting research or comparing prices.


The average proportion of purchases that are abandoned across all industries is 70.19%. However, depending on the industry and the type of product being sold, this rate may differ. For instance, the retail industry has a 78.1% abandonment rate whereas the tourist industry has a 68.7% abandonment rate.


2. Product Page Abandonment: Consumers who view a product page may show interest by studying its characteristics but choose not to add the item to their shopping cart or proceed with the checkout procedure. For a number of reasons, including hesitation, price sensitivity, or the absence of desired features, a product page may be abandoned.

3. Checkout abandonment: Checkout abandonment is the term for when a customer walks away from their order at the very last stage of the checkout procedure. This could happen because of factors like unexpected expenses, security concerns, a lack of payment options, or a laborious and time-consuming checkout process.

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