Customer Service Distinction Between Gen-Z and Millennials

Customer Service Distinction Between Gen-Z and Millennials

As of now, nobody’s sure what will happen when these two generations – one who never expects companies to pick up the phone; and the other, who spends an average of 13 hours a day on their devices. One thing’s for certain: It won’t be easy.

To win their brand loyalty, companies must begin by learning about their different customer expectations and preferences. Read our blog for expert tips:

Technology has empowered younger generations with an age and gender-diverse perspective. And as technology advances, Gen Z will be no different.

Millennials are a very difficult generation to understand, to talk to and to reach out to. We are all aware of the stereotypes associated with the generation of 20- and 30-somethings that came of age in the 21st century. They are the generation of Alexa, the generation of Tinder, the generation of Netflix and the generation of Spotify.

They are a generation that is often described as being lazy, self-absorbed, arrogant and spoiled, but they are also a generation that is not afraid to experiment, take chances and try new things. Millennials are a generation that looks at the world in a very unique way. They are a generation that grew up with technology and thus, it became a part of their lives. A part of their identity. Millennials are a generation that has seen the world change faster than any generation ever before. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just a different thing. A different way of thinking, a different way of doing things, a different way of looking at things.

This is why when it comes to marketing, reaching out to them and designing a Customer Experience Strategy for Millennials is different from designing a Customer Experience Strategy for Genz.

Cost of Customer Service:

The customer service distinction between Millennials and Gen-Z is the cost of customer service. For Millennials, the cost of customer service is a hidden fee that companies charge for things like return shipping or restocking. For Gen-Z, the cost of customer service is the time it takes to speak to a human being on the phone.

The Millennial generation is known as the entitled generation and with good reason. They are used to getting what they want when they want it, and they expect the same level of service from companies. This entitlement has led to a sense of entitlement when it comes to customer service.

Millennials have come to expect that companies will bend over backwards to accommodate them, and they are quick to take their business elsewhere if they feel that they are not being treated properly. This attitude has led to many businesses charging hidden fees for things like return shipping or restocking.

Gen-Z, on the other hand, is much more patient when it comes to waiting for customer service. They are used to dealing with automated phone systems and waiting on hold for long periods. This patience extends to their expectations of customer service.

Gen-Z does not always want the fastest or easiest solution – they just want the solution that works.

Why Millennials vs. Gen Z?

There’s a big difference between the customer service expectations of Millennials and Gen Z.

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, have grown up in a time of major technological advances. They’re used to instant gratification and expect the same when it comes to customer service. Gen Z, on the other hand, is used to even more instantaneous services thanks to the growth of digital natives.

This difference in customer service expectations can be a major headache for businesses that don’t keep up with the times.

So what does this mean for businesses?

They need to provide faster, more convenient, and more personalized service than ever before. They need to do it across all channels: online, in-store, and over the phone.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to improve your customer service and make sure you’re meeting the needs of both Millennials and Gen Z. By keeping up with the latest customer service trends and using the right

Likes and Dislikes of Customer Service:

There is a big difference between the customer service that Millennials and Gen-Zers grew up with.

For Millennials, it was all about going above and beyond for the customer. They were always trying to think of new ways to make the customer experience better. However, Gen-Zers, are much more likely to be focused on making sure that the product or service is what they need.

This means that they are often more sceptical of customer service representatives and are more likely to be vocal about their dislikes.

There are a few things that both groups can agree on when it comes to likes and dislikes about customer service. One dislike that is shared by both is waiting on hold for a long time. This is especially true if it feels like the wait is just going to be wasted time. Both groups also agree that feeling like they are being sold to rather than helped is a big turnoff.

When it comes to likes, both groups appreciate good communication from customer service representatives. This includes clear and concise explanations as well as keeping customers updated throughout the process.

Another big like for both groups is feeling like they are valued as a customer. This can come through in things like personalized service or just simply acknowledging.

Telling the difference between Millennials and Gen Z:

Though they may seem similar at first glance, there are some key ways to tell the difference between a Millennial and a Gen Zer. For one, Millennials are often characterized as being more idealistic and optimistic about the world, while Gen Zers are said to be more realistic and pragmatic. Additionally, Millennials grew up with technology like the internet and social media, while Gen Zers are digital natives who can’t imagine life without it.

When it comes to customer service, these generational differences can make a big impact. Millennials are often praised for their innovation and creativity, while Gen Zers are known for their efficiency and straightforwardness. So when you’re dealing with a customer service issue, it’s important to keep in mind which generation you’re dealing with to best address their needs.

If you’re dealing with a Millennial, they may appreciate a more personal touch or a creative solution to their problem. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a Gen Zer, they’ll likely prefer a quick and easy fix that gets them back to their lives as soon as possible. In either case, good customer service is always about finding the right solution for your customer’s needs.

Approaches to Customer Service for Millennials:

It’s no secret that the way customers interact with businesses has changed dramatically in recent years. The rise of digital channels and social media has given customers more power than ever before. And as the Millennial and Gen-Z generations come of age, businesses need to be aware of the customer service distinctions between these two groups.

Here are some key customer service approaches for Millennials:

  • Social Media Engagement: Millennials are highly active on social media, so businesses need to have a presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is an effective way to reach out to customers, build relationships, and resolve issues.
  • Digital Channels: Millennials are comfortable communicating via digital channels such as email, chat, and text. Businesses should make sure they have a robust customer service infrastructure in place to support these channels.
  • Self-service: Millennials prefer to solve problems on their own, so businesses should provide self-service options such as online FAQs and knowledge bases. This will save time for both customers and customer service reps.
  • Personalization: Millennials appreciate personalized experiences. Businesses should implement plan automation and self-service options to recognize each customer based on individual preferences.

Approaches for Customer Service for Gen Z:

There is a big distinction between the approaches for customer service for Millennials and Generation Z.

For Millennials, customer service is all about creating rapport and building relationships. They want to be treated like an individual, not just a number.

Generation Z, on the other hand, is much more results-oriented. They don’t care as much about the relationship-building aspect of customer service. They just want their issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, if you’re dealing with a Millennial customer, take your time and get to know them. But if you’re dealing with a Gen Z customer, just get to the point and help them out as quickly as possible.

The bottom line:

Create omnichannel support for all age groups!

While text and chat are currently popular with younger consumers, it doesn’t mean that phone or email support isn’t used by other demographics as well. All age groups prefer these channels of communication over social media interactions.

Providing self-service options and automated solutions is still a great way to give younger customers simplicity but not replace the human touch of your customer service staff. If your brand truly offers omnichannel customer service, you won’t have to choose what services to offer when reaching out to Millennials vs Gen Zers vs any other generation.

Customers will be able to connect with your brand easily by using various channels, including social media, phone calls, and emails, if your company offers a range of channels.

At DialDesk, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best omnichannel customer support possible.

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