Are you SELLING like a CHAMPION?


The definition of a customer has changed now. He is no more somebody you sell your products or services because you intend to sell it.

The new-age definition of a customer is somebody who will buy product or service from you only because there is a certain Need|Desire for the product/services and also because it is addressing his problems.

This is a generic definition and the immediate question that arises is how do I reach out to my customers?

The immediate challenges being:

  • Tough competition from rivals
  • How to be different from competitors
  • How to build that trust
  • More retention
  • Less churn
  • Maintaining profitability

Prima-facie this had always existed, but then the universe was bigger with few players on the battlefield. The word “Demanding customer” existed but only in papers or was a very rare phenomenon.

Time changes and so did it change the perception of customers.  The quantum of “demanding customers” is huge today and is increasing with every tick of the clock.

Question is how do businesses sell their products|services now?

Well, it is not difficult to create some phenomenal sales strategies provided you want to.

  • Invest in a sales CRM for your sales team – It is integral
  • Focus on customer experience – A true differentiator from your competition.
  • Seek analytics on the behavior of your customers.
  • Give your customers an omnichannel buying experience
  • Don’t forget the “Human touch” at all your customer interaction channels.
  • Use AI to develop your marketing strategies.
  • Devise a nurturing system for your existing customers and potential customers
  • Know the ROI before launching any marketing programs
  • Automate the sales process as much as you can so that the sales team can focus on “selling”
  • Please don’t keep the customer experience limited to one department but to all the functions.
  • Focus on competence development programs for your sales & marketing staff.
  • Increase your brand visibility through social media engagements.

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Nitish Kaul
Nitish Kaul
Nitish is a CX Solutionings Expert at DialDesk. He has helped provide our customers with fantastic services and made sure their needs have been met promptly. His knowledge of pertinent business strategies and his decision-making skills help add to the team dynamic by creating positive results for every project we work on. He knows how to get the job done efficiently.

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